It was a really nice blast from the past and I could really feel the enthusiasm and passion for music from the sellers on each stall. They really appeared to love being there and sharing their knowledge with potential buyers... If you get a little peckish between exploring what's on offer, head to the café and get yourself a slice of handmade Victoria sponge! Yum.
Emma E, Yelp
I have been to the Moseley Record & Book Fair some times and have found some very good titles for extraordinary prices, including a brand new edition of The Scarpetta Factor for only £1. If you fancy vinyls there are plenty of options and it's possible to find some rare records, of course. Among other items, you can also find dvds, comic books, fanzines and cakes, obviously.
Simone R, Yelp
It's great to come into contact with so many like minded people, who hold a love for the physical format of music... the stall holders are rooted in the knowledge and love of music.
Ross Cotton, Yelp
I'd heard from lots of people that this is really good, and you get proper dealers who come here - people who are serious about their music.
Amy Martin, Radar
I've been to loads of these and they are all great. I don't even have a record player, nor a turntable, even. Records is not the reason I go. For me the Moseley Record Fair is all about the Cafe. The lovely dinner ladies produce fantastic cakes, many of which are vegan. These go great with tea.
Jon Law, Vegan Heath